December 07, 2005

Short and sweet?!

So, have you noticed how short my posts have been of late? So far this month I've only had one substantial post....but, then, no one has seemed to mind too much. ;-)
I think everyone is probably just as busy and distracted as I am by this month of "holidays" and "seasons greetings".
I've had a lot on my mind, but then, nothing I want to talk about really....

Today, being my day off...and then becoming yet another "sick day"...I didnt get ANY of the things i wanted done today! Boo! I hope my christmas packages get overseas in time for Christmas! I am going to have to send them on Friday now, if then! :-(
I also didnt take my dry-cleaning to the dry-cleaners...and I didnt clean the house.
Meh, life still seems to be on continuing just fine.

But, lets talk about "nice things"...first of all, I watched Its a Wonderful Life today...and oh yes, it is STILL as wonderful as ever...I DID have tears literally streaming down my face. Go. Watch it.
I also have finally moved on from the evils of bad shampoo...yes, there IS such a thing as really really bad shampoo...and when you have hair like mine ( aka. a LOT of it) you can not afford to have really gross cheap shampoo....I am back with "designer" shampoo as of today and I already feel better. I have learned one good thing from this dreadful three weeks-of-bad-hair-days, is that you really DO get what you pay for when it comes to hair products. Since I do not use gel or hairspray or anything else in my hair I think I can splurg on this one thing and not feel TOO decadent ;-)

So, while I was lying in bed "not moving" today...I did what I do every month...I copy my blog into a word really HUGE word document. After saving November in the archives of "forever", I did a little reading of 2004...and even the beginning of 2005. It was really interesting, I mean, January of this year seems like just yesterday, but when I actually went back and read it-I felt like a totally different person. So strange. I was also a little shocked at how MUCH I really DID tell my blog...hahahah! I guess I get kind of caught up in the moment and just PURGE! ah well, keeps me honest right? ;-)

Ahhh....speaking of purging, I am feeling a bit better, and I am planning on working a ten hour day tomorrow-here's hopin. Please pray for me if you get the chance.

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