December 15, 2005

Under the twinkle lights...

Tonight, as I pray so many dear ones come to mind! How I love these brothers and sisters! My heart delights in their lives! Sometimes, I feel so honored to have such friends, such fellowship. Sometimes, I long to be with those who I am so far from in the physical realm...but above all I am grateful for a Lord who first loved us, that all this would be even POSSIBLE!!! ( 1 John 4:19)

I dedicate this to my dear friends who have not shyed away from my flaws...and those who have trusted me enough to show me their scars....

You look at me
and see
my flaws;
I look at you
and see
flaws too.
Those who love,
know love
a second glance;
each failure serves
another chance.
Love looks to see
beyond the scars
and flaws
the cause;
the scars become
an honorable badge
of battles fought
and won-
(or lost)
but fought!
The product,
not the cost
is what love sought.
God help us see
beyond the now
to the before
and note with tenderness
what lies between
-and love the more!
~ Ruth Bell Graham

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