December 01, 2005

Why I love December...

Thank you to Trinity for having a very helpful calendar ;-) And reminding me to tell you WHY I love this month
Granted most of my reasons have to do with Christmas...but its still what December is allll about.

1. You can listen to Christmas music all the time.
2. Singing classic Christmas Hymns in church
3. Christmas cards.
4. The smells....evergreen,cinnamon,gingerbread...
5.Lights...lots and lots of twinkle is as if everyone is throwing a party-all the time.
6. The Christmas parade downtown (its this weekend) with all the cute excited kids.
7. Fireworks...both on Christmas and New Years Eve.
8. Friends coming home for the holidays.
9. Buying presents for people that you KNOW they will love.
10. Writing little personal messages in Christmas cards.
11. Christmas candles.
12. The Christmas story
13. getting more mail than usual ( christmas cards!)
14. It at least PRETENDS to get cooler in Texas
15. The end of another year ( and I've gotta say, I'll be very happy to see this one go!) and the anticipation of a new one to come.

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