December 30, 2005

Yesterday and yesteryear

Yesterday was my day off, and besides I had to leave the twenty-odd posts that I wrote the previous day up for a while so you'd actually read and comment...which you didnt...but that's ok :-)

But, its a new day...and I've got things to discuss...first of all, I went and saw King Kong...and while I wouldnt necessarily see this movie again, at least for a good while. It WAS beautifully done. And it still remains that Peter Jackson is a genius. My personal suprise favorite character was the captain who was played by Thomas Kretschmann...who interestingly enough played the sympathetic Captain in the Pianist that effectively saved Adrien Brody's characters life. huh. ( I just found that out thanks to my handy dandy friend Anyway, I felt like ALL the characters were perfectly cast and they all seemed to say so much with just their eyes which added a great deal of depth to the movie for me.

Yesterday also held another first for me: I locked my keys in my car. Yes, it was pretty awful, but it wasnt THAT bad. I was having lunch with a friend anyway so I just called the locksmith and they came before our food arrived. So, while they charged me an arm and a least it wasnt TOO horrible of an event. And hopefully that will be the end of my bad luck ;-)

To make myself have a better day, I bought myself the fifth season of Friends on DVD. It was worth buying it at hastings rather than by it online and wait for a million years to get it-just to save a few dollars. Time is money and all that jazz...

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