January 18, 2006

the fiveoclock news ( the morning version)

Five am this morning I got the greatest, most exciting news! Penny was accepted to Nursing school in Sydney!! :-)
Of course, I dont actually remember if I told Penny congraduations or not...or if I even portrayed how excited I really was...I have a good feeling I answered the phone in my sleep and woke up as she said the words " I got into Sydney."
Anyway, I woke again when my alarm went off at seven and did the appropriate happy dance THEN, instead of at five. hehehe.

I gotta say, I feel pretty special that my friends would call me-day or night-to share happy/sad/exciting/important news with me. I love that.

Anyway, I now have another friend in Australia! Oh, I cant tell you what an answer to prayer this is for Penny and I am SO SO excited for her. If there was ever a person who will make the perfect nurse it is Penny. And I feel that I am truly an "expert" of sorts, since I work in the medical field everyday and see the need for Godly, talented women like Penny in this profession!

In other news, I bought new pens...I was actually writing in my journal a few weeks back and three pens ran out of ink in the space of a journal entry, how is that possible? I guess, this means I really do give every pen equal writing-time. ;-)
New pens give me SUCH a thrill...yes, small joys are what make the day.

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