January 10, 2006

I want to go shopping.

Have you ever heard that saying about food cravings? That if you STILL have the craving, say, thirty minutes later...well, then you can go ahead and eat whatever it is, because your body actually NEEDS it and its not because you're bored or something?
Well, that's probably a load of rubbish...but I always liked it. And of course, I ended up being able to eat lots of good things because, well, my body is pretty singleminded...and when I get something in my head...I dont let it go.
hahaha. And I'm pretty sure I didnt need all that pizza ;-)

Anyway, along the same lines...It has been several weeks now that I've been reeeeally wanting to go shopping. You know, the GOOD kind of shopping where you set aside a WHOLE day...and you go to a BIG mall...and you buy lots of wonderful things...and you go home feeling satisfied and poor.
Yeeeessssss....At first i had several problems, the first being that I had NO ONE to go with!
Sure, I've got lots of fantastic friends, but one thing about the whole-day-shopping-adventure is that you have to go with someone who is EQUALLY excited about the event as you. Or, they will end up dragging you down ( In the same way, make sure you never go with someone who is MORE excited than you...or they will tire you out for sure! and everyone will end up being grumpy). Yes, shopping is one of those actions you must do with someone "equally yoked". So, I couldnt find anyone who was in the same "shopping place" as I was...but then, last week I was talking to some high school girls from my church and I realized-any high school girl worth her salt ( and who has some babysitting money) is always willing to make a day of it. So, I had answered my problem.
Buuuut, then the next problem presented itself: TIME. To fully quinch my thirst for a shopping-adventure..I needed a WHOLE day ( and preferably a day AFTER to recooperate)...yet, when...oh...WHEN am I going to find such a day?!

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