January 09, 2006

what were they thinking?

Last night I watched this movie with Katie and Matt: Trolls 2

There are so many things to say about this movie-but I think all I will say is that:
1. While the name is "trolls 2" it is, infact, a movie about Goblins.

2. It is one of the bottom 100 worst movies...ever( according to both International Movie Database, and myself). Which has, sadly never been on Mystery Science Theatre 3000
3. 1990 was a bad year for many things: clothes, music, makeup ...all of which where used to full capacity in this movie.

4. To fully enjoy this movie you must have ready access to the remote: so you can pause on particularly ackward moments...where you can actually SEE the camera men in reflections etc. So you can rewind even worse moments to fully appreciate the badness again and again. So you can stop, to laugh. A lot.

5. This movie will encourage you in your acting career, since it can only be said...ANYONE could read lines more enthusiastically and with better results than these people.

I do not recommend you spend any money on this movie to rent or buy it...but you can borrow it anytime you want...if you have, you know, some time to waste.
But if you dont have the kind of time I have...here...go read the classic quotes

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