February 21, 2006

drama, drama, drama

I spent almost three hours in the middle of the afternoon looking after my father...who's hiccups ( yes, hiccups) have advanced to such a point that he is, at times, unable to breathe...which is disconcerning to say the least. He called me while I was at work, asking for "a favor"- so I knew it must be really bad for him to let me leave work to take care of him...

Anyway, after several hours of making executive decisions, making the situation "calmer", talking to his Doctor, talking to his Doctor's nurse, tracking down my mother and getting his medicine situation taken care of...I finally returned to work, and as I was driving I thought to myself,
"Wow, I think I really must be a grown up!"

In contrast, work is a breeze...hehehe...

P.S. where are all my readers today? The blog traffic is down to a dribble!

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