February 13, 2006

the progress....

So, if you remember many moons ago (actually, it was probably a week or so) I mentioned that I was listening to my music "straight through"...and while I pretty much break the pattern by listening to praise music at some point during my quiet time...I have been diligently going through my music-and I am finally in the "D's"
Meaning in the last hour I listened to...
Dance Derek Webb
Dancing Queen ABBA
Dancing with the Angels Monk and Neagle
Danger Zone Kenny Loggins
Daughters John Mayer
Day by day Steve Kinnaird
Daylight Coldplay
Deeper Hillsong
Days Go By Dirty Vegas
Desperado Eagles
Devil of the Fates Star Wars Soundtrack: John Williams
Diamonds on the Inside Ben Harper

An interesting mix if I do say so myself ;-) hehehe...its so strange going from one mood to the next, for so many of these songs bring such different memories and emotions...

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