February 20, 2006

Where's My Mind at?

Is that the name of the song that plays at the end of Fight Club? Does anyone know this particular fact?!
Anyway, I was reminded of the song today...I have been TOTALLY unable to concentrate on anything.
First of all, I am extremely itchy. I know, weird...because I dont have, like, a rash...or any bites or anything....infact, according to the Physicians Assistant that I went to today, my skin is "Baby smooth." Soooo, I've been itchy for DAYS now...and even though its totally against my nature, I havent really complained about it ( Unless you count the half a dozen times I told my mom and my sister that, "I am going to DIE.")...but the last two nights I havent been able to sleep well because I feel so itchy all over. So, this morning I went to the doctor...or should I say my doctor's PA ( she turned out to be really hot...so if you want a hot PA to check you out...go to Dr. Cline's office and ask to see the Wendy.)
Anywho, I've been given allergy medicine...medicine I cant actually take until tonight, because it makes you sleepy... so...I am still itchy, and still pretty much clueless about WHY ...I am possibly going insane.

Secondly, my poor father is still in a lot of pain, plus he has these INSANE hiccups that have been going NONSTOP for 48 hours...I saw him today and he looked totally crazed, bless his heart.

Soooo...I'm worried about all of these things.

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