March 20, 2006


So, I have to go work in about an hour and a half...and i KNOW that I SHOULD get up and DO something productive before then...but I fell onto my bed to write a few quicky emails...and I just so happened to fall into THE most comfy position...and I am listening to the Rent Soundtrack...and...its raining and windy outside ( yes, Aunt Donnave, you DID tell me March would be crazy!) making it all the more'll write this blog post so that I have an excuse to keep lying here...

Today I want to Java Jacks with my ipod and my Bible...and was ABOUT to find myself a good spot to sit with my latte and muffin when I ran into my parent's old neighbors, I was also their nanny during the "summers" when I was home from had a quicky "how are you" convo...and then they turned to leave...but the Mother turns back around and says...

"So do you have a SPECIAL SOMEONE YET?"

"Um. No."

"Oh, well, that's FINE."

"Yes, I agree...."

AAAAHAHAHAH! It was so very ODD. I mean, sure, "it is a truth universally acknowledged that any single girl in possession of a college degree and a job is in want of a guy" (click here for the nonsarcastic allusion)...but PUUULLLLEEEEASE!? Is That ALL the small talk people are able to come up with these days? ;-)
Makes me laugh....

That's all that has happened to me this morning....

Besides this:
"Strong Tower" on my ipod.
Latte foaming in a friendly manner
Bible open in Luke 7
Journal covered in scribbles
Window viewing clouds that opened just a crack to reveal the Son.

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