March 26, 2006

kinda sorta...

Hey kids...its Sunday night...and looking at my calendar/to do list, there is soooo much to do next week...meeeh. It makes me tired and slightly stressed just thinking about it.

But, here is what I am excited about:
I'm off to visit Amy in OK. City...that's right....ever since 2002 when Amy first moved to this delightful city...state...whatever....she's been inviting me to come visit her....unfortunately my schedule has been....oooh, shall we say, "difficult"...but now, there are no more excuses, she's graduating soon and I really MUST see what's shes been suffering through all these years...I want to see the mullets and the barefoot children for myself. So, I am taking my darling friend Christa ( bless her heart, she is earning serious brownie points to hand out in a car with ME for 7 hours!), many many CDs and as much junk food as I can handle and heading "northish" on Friday....We should be back on Monday...and, I'll tell you now ( so you can mentally prepare)...I will definitely not be blogging on this little trip. Oh, I'll tell you all about it when we get back, but I've been needing a little "blog separation" for a little while now, and I've been kind of waiting for this trip to do it.

So, get ready for some silence.

Buuut, dont worry, I've got several boring days of work ahead of us before we have to worry about THAT!

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