March 21, 2006

organization is the key...

Today I am working allll daaaaay, which means my major goal is not to bore myself, needless to say, I'll probably post a lot. And bore YOU instead ;-)

So, there are times when it is very apparent why Katie get along well as roommates. And last night was one such instance. Please do not judge us...we cant help the way we are:

(katie enters my room): "Abigail, I want to show you something ( as she hands me a DVD), *I'm* really excited about this..I dont know if you will be..."


( thus begins a long dialogue about the first time we watched this classic movie, and how the kid that acted in it killed himself later...and how the dog was quasi-scary...and how it has BLOWN OUR MINDS when we first saw it, believing that some how it must be real...)

And by this time Katie and I had movied into the livingroom...where we stood in front of our DVD collection...

Katie: "I also bought Home Alone and Home Alone 2"

Me: "That's random, but those are both total classics, so that's exciting.."

( it was at this point that we realized that we had completely filled up an entire shelf and a half of DVDs...and therefore it became imperative to our way of life that we "organize" our DVDs)

Thus began a long process that took us several hours ( with a big break in which I went and had Bible Study ;-) ) of us taking ALL our DVDs off the shelves and putting them in various piles. We initially divided everything into five piles which we aptly named the following:
Television, Classics, Weird, Weepy and Whatever

Of course, once you come up with clever names like THAT you just HAVE to put them onto little labels and then label the bookcase I began work on making labels with little pictures to illistrate the title ( a tiny eye with tears come out of it...etc)

This was really as far as I got before I stopped for Bible Study...

When I returned, katie and I decided that the title "Whatever" was not very discriptive of what the movies WHERE in that we brainstormed and in the process we came up with a whole NEW system with the following names:
Java Shakes, Espresso, Chai Latte, Latte and Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Of course, we also re-named the "whatever" category to "whims"...and just in CASE you arent on the same wave length..then I shall now ellaborate on the titles of our Categories:

Television=Java Shakes: Katie and I do not have television in our house, which we LOVE...this cuts all kinds of dribble that appears on TV these days, and we ( not so secretly) love to tell people when they start talking about television shows ( usually something awful like Survivor), that "we dont have TV". Its the perfect conversation killer...buuut, with that being said, its unfortunate but true that Katie and I both love various wonderful T.V. shows that DESERVE being watched...for instance, Arrested Development...everyone should watch this wonderful, sadly deseased show. It is probably the thing we are LEAST proud of...that we have, ( in the past...obviously) sat on the couch and watched entire seasons of various shows...we have discussed characters as though they were real people. And, more likely than not..we watch our TV shows when we need COMFORT...and something that is EASY...and PREDICTABLE...and ALWAYS GOOD. This, of course, brings us to its other name: Java Shake. In the same way that we turn to television for comfort and predictablity so do Katie and I turn to Java Jacks for a Java Shake on BAD DAYS...we dont have them everday ( who could?) but a java shake is a tried and true antidote for anything unfortunate that happens in life...just as we turn to our television shows...

: This category includes everything from Cary Grant movies, to Disney classics...Citzen Lord of the Princess Bride...( and now Home Alone and The Neverending Story) anything that we felt deserves to be in ANY good movie collection. And that is why it also has the title of Espresso...pretty much ALL the good coffee drinks that we enjoy, include at least (one) shot of espresso...its key to a good coffee experience. Period.

Weird=Chai Latte: This was a category that we struggled with quite a bit, it includes our foreign film selection, much of our independent film selection as well as "comic" films ( which is interesting, that Katie and I both feel that the things the we find funny ( i.e. Spinal Tap, Napoleon Dynamite, Zoolander) are also very weird...anyway, we felt that all of these movies did not necessarily "stick" in a more traditional category..thus the name "Chai Latte"...which we love, but which is also not even it tends to feed our stranger tastes..not our normal mood of "please give me my coffee." tendencies, as do these movies. We love them..but...well, they are weird.

Weepy=Latte: Oh, we LOVE these movies...they include things like Finding Neverland...and Big Fish...and Radio...Forrest Gump...yes, they make us cry. But they make us cry in a good way. These movies are wonderful, they keep us going..they restore faith in humanity. They are as necessary to us as a Latte. And yes, that is how they got their name...Lattes come to us naturally. We MUST have them. They keep us going...they restore our faith in humanity...need I say more?

Whims=Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans: These are the movies that we just randomly buy when we're in the check out line at Hastings...or Wal Mart...they were on we buy them. Period. Sure, they are great movies ( You've Got Mail...10 Things I Hate About You...) but we dont really need them, and we only sort of want them, kind of like Chocolate covered Coffee Beans...very rarely do we crave them..but we still really like them, and we'll buy them and be happy with them until they're gone...or we get sick, which ever comes first.


So, now if you come visit Katie and I, you can easily choose a movie from one of our neatly titled categories...and once you pick a category you can easily pick a movie since they are now in order, ABC order...naturally ;-)

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