March 12, 2006


I am NOT a planner....oh, dont get me wrong, I'm a dreamer. Absolutely. But, most of the time I'm very happy to go with the flow once reality sets in...I dont plan on much in my life....for instance, I've got TEN paid vacation days stored up, as of this month...and I have NO plans on how to use them. I do, on the other hand, have DREAMS on how to use them...most of my dreams require more money than I have...and I just have this deep down feeling that something will happen where I will NEED those vacation days...and so I still havent used them....ahhhh!
Anyway, in saying all of that about how I dreeeeam and I dont I sit here at work with an INSANE amount of films to be read. I have made some serious plans for day once I actually get out of here:

When I get home I plan to put on my PJs and stay in them until church tonight.
I plan to sit on my couch and drink a juice box and watch Pride and Prejudice
I plan to fall asleep on said couch, while watching said movie.

Sometimes plans are gooooood.

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