April 25, 2006

BIG mistake.

I tried to pull a "serious" blog post out of myself this morning...with all the interruptions and the fact that my giant mug of coffee "didnt take", made it nearly impossible and I found myself in a growing bad mood. Finally, I clicked the 'save as draft' button and called it a day...
This is my last day covering for my fellow-worker...she's been on vacation since Thursday. And, God bless her, now I am thinking less and less about taking my vacation days all at once, having a big long holiday doesnt seem worth having the possible suicide of a fellow-employee on my head...but, then, the overtime pay is almost worth the annoyance of sitting in a dark room ...but, then, because of a technicality I just figured out I will NOT be getting overtime for this ...I'm back to wanting to kill someone.

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