April 17, 2006

A list to fill up the lack

I just cant seem to shake my "writers block"...who knew you could have writers block when writing, essentially, about yourself ?!
It seems that even I can get tired of me.

But, its happened...and I've tried all day to write something interesting...it always landed flat....or turned into CHEESE...or something equally LAME...soooo I have decided to do what I always feel is needed in times like these...I wrote a list:
The list of ONES

1.One Vanilla Latte
2. One cinnamon roll
3. One ipod
4.One Bible/ one journal/one pen
5. One long conversation with Papa
6. One episode of Friends season 8
7. One annoying conversation with the "Bible People"
8. One equally annoying trip to Wrap-it-up to mail back the evil gift from Macy's
9. One email ( junk mail at that!)
10. One Bag of Goldfish cheese crackers
11. One PB&J
12. One huge bottle of water
13. One day full of work
14. One very painful shoulder/arm/neck
15. One lost pen
16. One Workout
17.One bag of groceries
18.One shower
19. One girls bible study
20. One bedtime


Obviously 13,16,17,18,19,20 havent happened yet...but I'm guessing they will ;-)

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