April 13, 2006

Words Love Affair, Sleep and Gilmore girls...

Not in that order.

OK, so has this been THE longest week in the history of time and space, or is it just me?! Seeeeriously now, its only Thursday?!?! NOOO GOOOD.

*sigh* So despite the fact that most of my "stress" had been taken care of by midafternoon yesterday, and I had a DE-lightful time reading and people watching at Javajacks.. and despite the fact that I have a sleep-debt building up from waaaay baaaack into last week...I STILL wasnt able to get to sleep last night. It was awful. I literally re-learned the alphabet backwards...and THEN I actually went through ( to prove to myself that there are TOO MANY tv shows out there) and came up with a television show for ever letter of the alphabet ( minus the letter "Q"...because I limited myself to NONreality TV...so I couldnt use Queer Eye)...yes, I know...I cant believe that's what I did with my time either ;-)

Last night, I watched Tuesday's episode of Gilmore Girls with my mom and my sister...Now, I wont actually say anything about what happened, because...well...there is a CHANCE that I have fans from NZ reading this-and I wouldnt want to ruin anything for you...but can I JUST SAY...I felt like I'd been broken up with. meeeeeh! I had SOOO hoped "they" would end up together :-( and now...well...now I have to decide if I should give up hope or not...hehe...have I said too much?
Am I too attached to fictional characters? meh, whatever...

So, I'm reading this reeeeally great book from the Next Series...and I SERIOUSLY loooove these books. They are STOCK full of literary wit and allusion...I mean, its ENTIRELY based around knowing and appreciating everything from Character development, the parts of speech and The Classics.

So on that note, I've given it some serious thought ( ok, not really...it just consisted of one conversation with my sister...but whatever.) and I've come to realize that I am an English literature/word snob!

Now, let me explain...I am NOT the type to judge nonreaders, or people that have bad grammer or dont punctuate ( I don't do it half the time either)...but while I dont JUDGE such people, I actually dont know HOW close we could actually become really close friends or whatever...I seriously LOVE words...I love word jokes...I love literary allusions in everyday conversation-I love TALKING ABOUT what I'm reading and what other people are reading...I love people that can critic my writing...
So, this is kinda a problem, I mean...I hate to have something about me that I really CANT make exceptions about ( at least one that's so "based on opinion") but I dont know if I can help it-and so here it is, and I feel so strongly that its true about myself ( good or bad) that I dont feel like I'll be eating my words later-but I really CANT be in a Relationship with someone who doesnt dig word or at least APPRECIATE them.
I'm shallow.
However, as in all such serious Character Flaws...I blame my family...hahaha! I mean, just this Monday, I had to write this really important Letter...and so I took it over to dinner with my Family...and then EVERY ONE of my family members went through it with a fine-toothed comb...and we laughed about words from the Thesaurus...and it was all in all good times-I wouldnt want to bring someone into THAT kind of an atmosphere with out a little bit of preparation, would I? NOooooOOOoo...hahah!

Buuuut, at least I'm really forgiving on other things like haircolor, and height, weight, race, background, money issues, career choices, extra/interverted...you name it.

So here's the new relationships list ( hahaha! as though I was LOOKING or something! hahaha!)

-Loves God more than they love me.
-Appreciates/gets Word humor and artistic value.


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