May 16, 2006

hyper hero!

So hyper, infact, that I typed "hpyer" and deleted it...and then typed "hpyer" yeah, that's where my brain is this morning...

The question IS...will I use my hyper-esqueness for good or for ill?!

I have a dirty house and I really SHOULD clean it...but I dont feel like it. I feel like doing something fun.

Unfortunately, I have no one to do something fun with...Hey, is Amy back in town yet?! There's a question...

In other news, my two cups of coffee and a green tea are really arent doing a lot for me at this point... my stomache is finally starting to feel hungry. Maybe I'll finally delve into the "emergency" baggie of cheerios in my purse. ( I really dont know how guys live without purses...if only for this one fact of NOT having a constant food supply. Really, How DOO you do it?! )

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