May 01, 2006

Poll Results: Girls rule

Soooo, I finally get to last weeks poll results.
This one was really kinda fun to watch happen, more so than past polls just because it was SO CLOSE...until the end when one side took the lead and stayed there...

The gender of my readers:

43% of you are boys
57% of you are girls

What I felt I learned from this was that:
A. Using my comments to judge the makeup of my readership didnt steer me that wrong...which is kinda cool.
B. But, in the end I have more girl readers...which makes totally sense, since I am, infact, a girl myself. So, it seems only RIGHT that my writing style and the things I choose to write about probably attract ( and keep) more girl readers.
C. But, in the end I also have a fair share of boy readers...which totally makes sense, since I am like the PERFECT example ( not really) of the girl mind...and as a guy wouldnt you WANT some clues to how that might work ( or not work...depending)?! So yeah. good for you, I hope it helps you get lots of dates...or keep the girl you have...or just confuse you even more, whatever your personal situation may deem appropriate ;-)

My next poll is reeeeally exciting...and TOTALLY controversal so GET READY to respond Woo! thanks for your continued support ;-)

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