August 27, 2006


I just had to cancel Bible Study tomorrow because I FORGOT that I have to work at Meet the Dragons ( the start up "event" for the high school football team)...selling my Evil Raffle Tickets....and believe me, the irony is NOT lost on me...that after spending my high school days HATING and BOYCOTTING the football team and cheerleaders and anything else remotely related...I am now seriously PRAYING that they play well this year...because, then hopefully I'll sale more Alumni Shirts....and the fact that I'll be going to all the home games to sale said shirts...well.....Luckily, I live to be ironic.

Honestly....what have I become?!

In other news, this weekend I have been a social butterfly. I've had some sort of social engagment every single night. Crazy. But fun. But also by tonight I couldnt DO it anymore....I dont know why i have more pain at night...and early in the morning...but I do, and tonight its been especially bad.

I cant believe tomorrow is Monday....*sigh*

Its August, but I am thinking about getting out my NZ hoodie just for the comfort that it brings.....sometimes you just really need something snuggly to make you feel better....and since there is no one around to give me a hug- turn up the air conditioner and give me my hoodie!

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