August 02, 2006

The last two days...

Well, I reached my maximum potiential for the day about ten minutes ago-but since I technically should have left work an hour and a half before that...I guess its ok that I'm going to blog now....
Honestly friends and family, I dont feel like my head is properly attached and I CANT WAIT till I have a handle on this job. Until that moment comes I will probably be just a tad stressed. But I expected that. And that is why I gave myself the "you can be a workaholic for two months" clause. Otherwise I would be afraid that I would become just that...but for now, I'm glad I gave myself two months and not just one...because, MEEEEH! there is so much to do! So much to learn! So much to find!
I've spent the past two days making hundreds and hundreds of lists.
So, since my mind has been so very consumed with my job, you might ask if there has been anything to actually get my mind OFF said job?
Well, FUNNY that you should mention that...because last night the most HORRIBLE, TRAUMATIC thing EVER happened... In fact, I dont even know if I can write about it. So all I'll say is that my new apartment had one MAJOR flaw...and lets just say it involved a toliet and a whole lot of towels and tears-and me spending the night at my sister's house.
But apparently the "situation" has been rectified by my landlord and hopefully I can get over the mental scars that have been left in order to actually go home tonight.
The other thing that got my mind off of my job was a phone call from Brett. Who, hopefully wont mind me mentioning his news here, has been removed from Ranger School for the time being. After getting off the phone with him and while I was doing my QT for the evening I came up with all sorts of encouraging things to tell him about this setback-but, yeah, I can never think of such things in the moment. I hate that.
So there you have it: The life and times of Abigail Abt. NHS Alumni Extraordinaire. ( which is the new title I just gave think I can get away with putting that on my business cards?! Let me know what you think.)  

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