August 25, 2006

not to overshadow...

I hate to post right after posting pictures of my adorable living room...because I hate to over shadow them...but, then, who am I kidding...even MY words cant over shadow big ol' pictures.

So, my night was really interesting. One of those nights where you think: "huh. God SO had His hand in all that!"

Basically, my evening was going to be a lowkey affair at Mary's house with the some of the twenty-somethings from church...and i say "some" because Anna wasnt there...and we ALL know how much it cramps my party skillz when I dont have Anna there to play off my jokes *sigh* But, anyway, I digress...

So, I was there at the get together when I SUDDENLY remembered that I absolutely HAD to call my ex-boss Dr. G because I was still having problems with my new insurance and my OLD insurance had sent me some bad information JUST today...and I knew that HE was the ONLY person that HAD the information I needed...and I ALSO knew that HE was going to Hawaii for two weeks tomorrow ( yes, it is a tough tough life) I get his number from trusty Aaron and the Dudley household and I make a "quick call" to see if he'll mail me the info I need before he heads out tomorrow...

Long story short. I end up driving out to the Grohman's house ( yessssss....first time ever that I've used there REAL name on my blog! wooo hoooo! no longer employed!! ) and what transpired was no less than perfect.
I wont go into it-but I had a very important conversation with Dr. G and his wife in an area that is pretty much my one and only expertise...they just so happened to be facing something that *I* could offer some insight into...and as I was talking to them it wasnt even MY words coming out of my mouth! And then we had a really cool little prayer time...after which I drove back to my previous party...but the totally crazy thing was the WHOLE way I was driving I COULDNT stop praying...I mean, it was weird. I dont know what I was praying about really but I am glad I could be a part of that.

Honestly, I tell you this because it was the best part of my day-and it was the best part of my day because it was a little tiny reminder about a much greater scale....that our Lives...the very HOURS that we live are not our own. I had tonight all planned out in a nice tidy package- a small hanging out with friends...instead I got to visit some really sweet people and talk about God and actual IMPORTANT stuff....and pray with them...and as we all know...I Looooove to pray with people!

So, there you have it, my night was fantastic.

Oh, and Mary makes the BEST pie ever. I mean, rock ON...that pie was goooood.

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