September 14, 2006

aw shucks!

You guys were sweet with your comments on my article...honestly, I posted it purely for the entertainment value ( as in, can you believe they print that and call it NEWS?!) -and I kinda feel guilty I got so many self-esteem building comments from it. make a girl feel down right puuurdy! ;-)

In other news, I've been having a little trouble with pain today-which makes me less inclined to work particularly hard. Its a struggle for sure! But, on the other hand...I've been having DEAD-END type issues with my website designing...but last night you wont believe what I decided to do about it...
I actually PRAYED for help!

Imagine THAT?!

And did it WORK?!

But, of course! I hadnt been working for 10 minutes this morning before I'd figured out one of my most annoying problems!

What's shocking is NOT that God answers prayers like that...but that I so often forget to PRAY for things like that.

Seriously, when will I learn?!
There is nothing too big or too small...

My time is in Thy hands...

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