September 07, 2006

germans and 80s fashion

I slept SO HARD last night, that I spent a better part of my morning walking around in this weird kind of fog.



I think I'm going crazy, I just looked out my window as this large group of teachers coming out of the cafeteria ( I guess they were teachers, but they WERE having a probably) Anyway, this guy walks past my window, and I think, "huh. He looks familiar. He looks like Chris..."

And then, I realize that the Chris I'm thinking of was a foreign exchange student that I went to HIGH SCHOOL with back in...ummm...2001? maybe? hahahaha!

I'm thinking it wasnt him...and I'm also really wondering why I'd even THINK of that guy, because I havent seen him in a reeeeally long time.


Ok, what were we talking about? Oh, right, the weirdness that is my brain this morning ( case in point). I actually had a rather LONG thought process this morning about the fashion trend that IS leggings. I actually went through the does and donts of leggings in my head, ticking off the different scenerios in which I WOULD wear them...and all of the very BAD legging fashions that are all over the place.


THATS what I thought about as I drove into the parking lot at work.

Today could be interesting.

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