September 28, 2006


So, my insurance company kicked me out today....they're sending me a refund check...there is no way back. They told me that I'll have to reapply.
Because, apparently I didnt sign some form....and apparently the sent me two "warning letters"....which I dont think I ever got.
I mean, I got all that paper work about how they werent going to cover my "pre-existing" condition...but I didnt get THAT paper work.
I'm pretty sure I must have just missed placed it, or misread...or any number of other stupid stupid things.

But, to be honest, I just want to cry....

I feel....helpless.

Tomorrow is the Alumni Association's annual meeting. I'm really really stressed about this. While I know that if anything was to go wrong it wouldnt be my fault....that ultimately no one would blame me if anything DID go wrong...but I'm still...very very worried about it all.

I crying.

I miss Brett, he has been gone for four days visiting his Dad. Its totally stupid for me to miss him NOW...because, he's going to be back tomorrow-and I'll get to see him for another week. But, the point is...I missed him. For FOUR DAYS.
How's does 10 months sound? How does a year sound?!

Where is my strong tower that I can run to?!

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