October 30, 2006


So, I was going to go grocery shopping last night..because everyone knows if you HAVE TO go to Wal Mart its best to do it on Sunday nights...the later the better.
But, even though I had time on my side I just COULDNT do it. Besides I was hungry. And I had told Lydia that we could talk on the phone..
And all this added up to me putting it off until today. So there you have it.
I have to go to Wal Mart this afternoon...
Blasted all...

But, it cannot be helped, I have been planning to write a letter to Ryan and I need the "visual aid included" part printed off of my camera....annnd ( and this is the really exciting part), I need to get ingredients for my Im-an-Indian-Giver-Dinner that I'm making for my Bible Study girls tonight! :-)
yaaaaaaayyyy! I'm excited, I dont think any of them have ever had indian food before and since last week is on record as being "The worst week ever" for two of the girls I decided we needed a little COMFORT TIME....yessssss.

So, all in all, its important that I go to Wal Mart-yet, i think I'm going to go home and put on sweatpants and running shoes before I go...because I dont feel like slipping around on my heels on the shiny walmart floor.

Ok, so that was a whole post about me going to Wal Mart. Hope you enjoyed.

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