October 19, 2006

Of this...

Listening to Hide and Seek ( Imogen Heap)...this song is kinda fitting my mood this morning.

I had some wacked out dreams last night. They werent bad or necessarily disturbing....they just kinda STUCK. And I dont like it when dreams stick and get all upons reality.

Its way cool this morning, which is nice...although I thought the "evening annoucement" at the school yesterday afternoon was a bit overkill:

"Students, remember to dress appropriately for tomorrow's cold weather...the high is only 68...so make sure you bring a jacket if you are sensitive to colder weather."


Are you KIDDING?! Since when is 68 degrees anywhere CLOSE to cold?!

Anyway, East Texas makes me giggle sometimes.

My work schedule is pretty emptyish this morning...which isnt helping my mind. It would be better if I had something to distract me. There isnt even anything WRONG that I know of? What's with the unrest?!


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