November 17, 2006

best laid plans and all that

So, Esther and i had a PLAN....and we were pumped. We were going to hit up Central Market and then go to the airport to pick up Thida...

However, an hour into our trip....phonecall from Thida practically PLEADING with me to let her take a later flight ( tomorrow) changed our plans and we ended up eating cajain food in Livingston ( of all places) and then going back from whence we came.

New plan:
Get up at 8:30 on Saturday morning.
Meet Esther ( she's a trooper!), Christa and Briana at Java Jacks
Try the orginial plan AGAIN.

maybe this time it'll stick...and I will ACTUALLY pick Thida up from the airport. hehehe...
Let's all hold our breath...and while I've got your attention...maybe pray that I feel better? a cold PLUS a appearance of the old pain has made me a less than happy camper.

What I am thankful for: Esther's company this evening. A cute restuarant in Livingston ( who knew?). At least we werent ALL THE WAY in Houston before Thida called.

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