November 13, 2006


I gotta say, I just got Blogger Beta ( because I can't say no)...and its official, I dont particularly like change.
Oh well, I think the tags at the bottom will be cool...other than that, my thoughts are "eh"

Soooo, hey, its Monday! And this is my laaaaast week of being totally alone without any friends visiting for MONTHS on end ( I have a few days here in there between visitors but its hardly worth mentioning). It kind of hit me last night, so I, maybe I should, you know, DO SOMETHING that I wont get to do while I've got visitors....

I watched Grey's Anatomy in bed. And yes, it could be argued that I could definitely watch Greys with a visitor but...ummmm...yeah. I couldnt think of anything particularly that I needed to get out of my system. So I just went about my normal life. ;-)

In other news, this week is going to be crazy busy at work. College Night on Thursday night...various other necessities...such as I absolutely MUST get my work website up and going...or I'm pretty sure I'll be fired ( that's what I'm telling myself anyway).

Incidently, did you notice that we are into the official COUNT DOWN towards my birthday?! Its kinda weird, because I have so many really good things happening around my birthday that its sorta been overshadowed this No biggie. I think it just proves how OLD I am getting! And speaking of, I had one of those typical "its-really-late-and-I-cant-sleep-so-I-will-freak-out-about-something-for-no-reason" moments this weekend. I mean, come ON!!! TWENTY-THREE!!!!
I've graduated from university...TWO YEARS AGO!!!! That's just SHOCKING. I've practically been out in the real world almost as long as I was in New Zealand... ( not quite...but over half). Shoudnt something really really exciting happen really really soon?!
Shouldnt I start checking things off of my Life ToDo list?!
I cant learn to surf...or go sky diving...or visit the pyramids any time I guess I'll have to be patient. But, I just feel like I should have done MORE in those 23 years. ( which by the way...does anyone remember me posting a list of the things I wanted to do before I die?! Because I'd like to find that...just to see how I'm doing...does anyone remember the context that I wrote that on my blog-because I dont remember when it was...)

I'm also a little bit...ummm....shocked ( not really) at how YOUNG I still feel most of the time. I mean, I freak out about things like my haircut more than I do about....taxes. But then again, if that's the gague of "maturity" than its highly possible that I will never really grow up.

So, the thing I seem to consistently learn with each passing that every age gets YOUNGER. That I, in truth, will always care more about shoes...than I do about....ummm....something else. And that ultimately, ( unless I have one of those loosing battles against hormones that inevitibly happen) I am pretty darn happy about where things are here at the dawn of twenty three.

So super.

I'm going to do work now.

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