December 08, 2006

bloody tired.

I know...profanity....but its true...I got blood taken this morning for my pre-op labs...and I should have eaten something afterwards which I blame on Thida for not thinking of and not making me do. BAD WIFE ;-)

Five girls heading off to Fort Worth this afternoon. I made us a "girls roadtrip" CD last night. And its great, if I DO say so fact, even if the trip is bad we can at least say that the soundtrack was good ( kinda like that "The Last Kiss" movie which was apparently horribly depressing...but I bought the soundtrack and its fantastic. Point Made).
So, pray that we have fun, more importantly: pray that we're safe, even more importantly pray that we're God focused.

In other news...I should be working extra hard since its my last day at work for a loooong while. Currently, I am pondering whether its possible to may an ENTIRE newspaper article about a past alum who's name was Silver Bells.


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