December 06, 2006

the latest...

Keeping the stress at bay with the happy help of denial! yaaaaay!
Woke up this morning with the funniest hair EVER. Honestly, I know I dont have to remind you how much I hate my current haircut, but another reason to add to the list is that I can’t do the following without very dire consequences:

Take shower, wash hair, go directly to bed, wake up, look in mirror.

My bangs where not sticking straight a visor. It was awesome, and for about two seconds I considered taking a picture. But, honestly, there IS a vanity line and I think that would officially cross it. ;-)

But, as funny as it was...its annoying...I've been doing the wet haired sleep WHOLE fact, in the past the best hair days come from sleep-dried hair. BUT NOW THAT HAS BEEN TAKEN FROM ME.
Also to add insult to injury, my bangs are starting to grow out and getting annoying. But, I REFUSE to get them cut, because I will not relive this evil cycle. ;-)

In other news, I need to write like three articles in the remaining days in the office (they are coming fast to a close). As per usual, I have absolutely no idea what I am going to write about...

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