December 19, 2006

Nancy Drew has nothing on my observation skillz

So, last night, I'd been home for several hours when I went into my bathroom to brush my teeth...and the following events took place ( mostly in my head).

*glance over at the toliet paper*

"Whoa. I'm out of toliet paper. How could did that happen? I really dont remember using up all the tp..."

*Thoughts run wild that possiblities of how this happened*

"-I am sure no one broke into my apartment to use up all the toliet paper, silly."

"Wait! There is red dirt all over my white bathmat! Now, I know that I didnt track in red dirt on my three inch heels there is just no way..."

*I carry bathmat to the laundry room and pull out a new bathmat from the closet*

"Seriously, someone BROKE into my house, used up my toliet paper AND they didnt wipe there feet!! This is insane!"

*I put down the new bathmat and glance upwards..*

"WHOA! I have a new toliet!!!"


And yes, it was at this point that all the pieces came together...except for how all the toliet paper got used up-except to say that mystery plummer decided to TRY OUT the new toliet...which, honestly, that's just odd and wrong on so many levels.

The good news is that I have a shiny new toliet...and now all my friends and family can relieve themselves at my house with out great trepidation. Wonderful.

And may this story be lesson to everyone, leave you bathroom without anything embarrassing lying around because you NEVER KNOW when a rouge plummer might break in and switch out your toliet. I was lucky this time around...because let's be honest, the odds that I'll just leave my PJs on the floor where they fall is very VERY probable....I guess luck was just in my favor yesterday.

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