December 20, 2006

por favor

okie as you know I've been putting off and putting off publishing the NHSAA website, because, ummm...the internet is scary and once its there, potentially ANYONE could see it...and thus see my lame errors and pitiful pitiful design ( see? I'm already crying)...and whoa. that would just be bad ;-)

Sooooo....I'm going to give you, my lovely readers the link to my site ( which currently only has an IP address so that its hard to find) and if you have a chance I'd like you to give me the worst of it...there are a few pages that I'd like to totally disregard because I'm still majorly working on them...
The New Membership Form
Brick Plaza
Golf Tourn.

The rest, feel free to bash me until I run away crying (oh, wait..already doing that)..because it would much much better to get constructive criticism from you than from...well, anyone else.


From the feedback I've already gotten and from looking at the site on various computers myself, it seems that the format, layout, and fonts change with each computer....*sigh* who knows how I will fix this...but keep those comments coming! You guys are very helpful ;-)

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