December 18, 2006

Welcome back to Work

Well, so far work hasnt been bad at all this morning, of course, I still havent written my weekly articl for the newspaper yet, but I've got an "idea" of what I will say...and that's pretty much all I need to ramble on for 500 or so words.
Shoot, I do that on my blog more than twice a day ;-)

Anyway, this weekend I did sooo much resting. It was good and probably just what I needed since here until eternity ( or so it seems) is incredibly busy!! We're talking insanely so!!

In fact, of my two week vacation ( mmmmmwwwwwahahahaha! I'm sooo lucky!) I have a friends from afar for ever single day of it!! Incredible. I'm getting excited about all the goodness-but I'm finding Christmas holidays are becoming so very strange. Its like there is no more tradition. There's just newness. Not that newness is BAD, because its NOT. I'm just saying this holiday season is surprising. For instance, if you'd told me LAST year that I'd have Emma and Sam swapping off Texas Duty ( Literally, Emma leaves the day Sam arrives...I dont think they like each other! hehe) I would have been shocked. Come to think of it, I would have also been shocked ( and incredulous) if you'd told me that I'd be soooo excited about Brett coming into town on Wednesday ( YAY!!). I would have been like, "Whatever, he's just that dude I went to high school with who had the cool hair and the sexy voice who ignored me most of the time, big deal."
Well, no, I'd probably have been a little bit more happy than that-afterall, he WAS awfully cool even with the ignoring thing going on ( and I think he was just overwhelmed by my coolness, dont you think?)...
So, yes, a few months ago I wouldnt have known how nice my holidays were going to look...but here they are staring me in the face. But, you know what, I was thinking...last year I felt kinda lonely and sad-for whatever reason-and yet it let me focus on the Meaning of this Christmas Holiday.
And this year, well, I'm waaay more busy and I just pray that I do not loose that...that all the craziness doesnt leave me lacking in mediation. lacking in thankfulness for what "its all about" ( sounds trite, but its true..).

Today I'm starting my Meaning of Christmas, wish I could come up with a better name...anyway,maybe I'll come up with something better by this evening... coming soon the count down to Christmas.

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