December 15, 2006

you kids...

obviously cant handle the very long, very wordy posts....tisktisk.

So here's my day. short.

awoke. laid in bed. ate bread. took bath ( standing is too hard to do for long periods of time).
laid in bed. put on dress. wished that all pants were PJs then I wouldnt have to wear the dress. laid in bed.
got mail for work. sat in car to rest from walking to mail box from car. walked to school office to get key back. walked to my office. sat at desk for long period of time resting from long walk. made phonecalls. watched The O.C. wrote lists for next week.
Went home laid in bed to rest from "hard work". put PJ pants on under dress. laid in bed. ate leftover noodles. laid in bed. watching Devil Wears Prada whilest lying in bed.

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