January 29, 2007

It'll just keep coming...

Its familiar, I know the feeling, and more importantly I know what I'll do...
I am almost powerless to stop it....put-it-off, day-dream, think-about-something-else, check-blogs, eat-lunch-early...what'll it be this time? I dont know exactly how the denial will manifest itself, but I know it'll come.

But, ooooh how I dont want it to be like this anymore! I am so tired of the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when the slightest deadline or hardship comes up ( afterall, denial doesnt ACTUALLY work!) . Why can't I deal with this without blowing it out of proportion? Why can't I face normal stress head on?

ahhh, but then it hits...I?

Yes, the familiar feelings will just keep on coming, the lesson will keep showing up.....it'll all happen again and again... until I learn this lesson ( for God is so patient):

I just pray, I pray that I learn not to rest in my own power-that I can rejoice in my weakness-that I'll proclaim His strength-that I'll know Real Peace.

My prayer is that this verse will one day ring true in my life: "She will not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns." ( Ps. 46:5)


Paul James said...

Persevere! God is going to grow your faith through this. Don't worry about failing man - fear God!

I pray He gives you courage and wisdom to persevere.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Abbey. I realy needed that this a.m. Aunt Donnave