January 30, 2007

things I've done...

What I've done since I got home from work:

1. Listened to a lot of Hillsong and Casting Crowns ( my itunes says its on shuffle but it seems to be biased)
2. Painted my fingernails red. ( In honor of February...or something like that)
3. Made chocolate pancakes.
4. Took pictures of chocolate pancakes to send to Uncle Jim since he gave my my MEGA George Foreman Grill ( you should see it, its awesome!) and I needed to prove that I used ( and loved) my grill.
5. Read chapter 4 in the Gospel of Luke, emailed Christa about it ( we're doing a bible study via email...its cool. everyone should do it!)
6. Looked at my laundry and thought about putting it up.
7. Played on facebook
8.took pain medicine ( first time all day...that's good!)
9. washed dishes
10. put on my PJs
edit: 11. talked on the phone for 3 hours straight, thanks to Louise and Brett. :-)

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