January 16, 2007

well kids, I'm back!

So, sure, I totally froze my butt off last night, as I huddled under every blanket I owned. I hadnt been in that cold in a house since...I lived in New Zealand and visited Louise who for whatever reason lived in a flat that "didnt heat their rooms". Crazy kids. ;-)

Anyway, I called my landlord at 7am this morning and he "fixed the heater"...the thermostate wasnt making the fan connected to the heater turn on. Who cares. It wasnt working that's all that matters. I dont care why.
So, the fact that my house was getting all warm and toasty as I was heading out the door makes the fact that my office is FREEZING just that must worse.
My toes. My fingers. Numb.


But, that's not the point...the point is that no matter how nasty the day seems to be, I really DO want to tell you about my weekend.

So, here goes:
In case you missed it, I went to a Navigator's conference in upstate New York. My main reasons for going were... Brett wanted me to go and because the best way to really understand something is to not just HEAR about it but experience it...so it was really perfect that I would get to experience ( to a degree) the two things about Brett that I have just about NO reference point to go on. The Navigator's Military Ministery and the Military ( plain and simple).

Its probably going to be hard to fully explain what I learned about those two things...because there was just so much, so instead I'll just say this. I was really impressed by the Navigator's level of commitment. commitment in pretty much ever aspect of their lives. We're talking serious discipline to their Faith and acting upon that faith. Which, I guess makes since, the military is all about discipline so that just filters into every aspect of their lives. Its just how their minds work.
But, I was totally inspired in my own walk with God, I was able to see the areas that I've become generally slack in and was very much convicted to pull those things out and actually work on them. So that's good....you dont have to be in the military to get something good out of what was said! ;-)

I also found it rather overwhelming in a lot of ways, I was suprised how intimidated I could become! It was just constant hardcoreness...in conversation with people, in the speakers, in my own mind trying to take everything in and process it....But, you know what?! Just when I was starting to think I had been silly to think I could "hang with this crowd" ( I mean, what does a girl from texas ( and, no, not fort hood) who has a BA in communications and english and who was involved in a very charismatic ministry in New Zealand where things were more about "feelings" than "facts" have to say in this kind of enviroment?!) ....I got a phonecall from Lydia on my cell phone. Yay! A familiar voice! Someone who knows me, and loves me...I cant TELL you how much better that'll make you feel when you start to listen to your own tired head and its doubts and fears.
So, that gave me the much needed perspective and boost that I needed to keep going and really enjoy my weekend. God is so faithful, isnt He?

I have some other thoughts, but I think I'll dwell upon them a bit longer before feeding them to the blogging world.

PS. As you can see comments arent happening on this post-but feel free to email me! I've missed my blogosphere while I was away! ( four days without the internet made me realize how NICE it is not to be in constant communication. )