February 28, 2007

"Play it again..."

I know I've already quoted this song today...but I was serious when I said its been on repeat. And on my way home from church tonight, the last verse practically yelled at me-cementing the prayers I had prayed during the prayer meeting...

Every fear and accusation under my feet
when time and space are through
I'll be found in you...

I have realized, that somewhere along the way I have let my own insecurities and slight worries about aspects of my job ( specifically this matter of going out and asking for sponsorships) turn into something much much bigger than it is. It is now Bigger. It is a spiritual matter.
Because honestly, as a follower of the Lord, I should not be held captive to a fear like this...I should not be frozen in my steps, I should not be hindered in whatever has been set before me.

I have listened to Lies. I have believed them.

But, no more.

I choose to live in Hope, to live in Love, to live in Faith.

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