February 16, 2007

through the window...

Its totally gorgeous outside, which is really an answer to prayer since I like to give visitors good weather when they come to see me. ;-)

So, maybe its the sun. Or maybe its the really encouraging blogs I just read. ( It helps to see your friends fighting the Battle hard, and winning.). Maybe its the coffee. But, I'm really a lot more optimistic about life than I was yesterday. This can only be discribed as an answer to prayer. The Lord is ever faithful my dear friends.

Have a wonderful wonderful weekend. I know I will :-)


Em said...

you got a speeding ticket...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

i told you, all you have to do is tell them you havent taken your meds. why dont you listen to your wise friend? psshhh...

ooohhh, i'm taking MJ to a swimming lesson today - YAY!!!

Christa said...

Im glad that you are feeling better! See what a little prayer and sunshine can do ; ) I have been praying hard for you!

Anonymous said...

Abbey, so sorry about the ticket...I cannot believe that a policeman could see you and actually write you one!!
Glad Kristy is here...and thank you so much for your prayers. It's helped; I'm fine. We'll talk another time!
Have fun, you two!
(Oh, and once you ask the first sponsor, it is easier. Ususally, they are happy to do it because it is good for them, in a small town.)