March 22, 2007


So, I just saw a group on facebook that was called "If 100,000 people join this group than my wife will let me name our second child "spiderman".

Oh. my. word.

I mean, I know its made up and everything ( facebook groups annoy me to NO END, please stop asking me to join your stupid political groups... they dont accomplish anything that I can see.) but I thought it was really funny anyway.

I'm not joining, though.

So do you people even know what I'm talking about? I'd love to think that my readers have better things to do than become addicted to Facebook. Yes, I'm sure you are all better people than I...

So, Thomas is giving me his "wedding check list book"...he's the only guy I know that actually HAS such a book, but I'm eternally grateful. I think I'll feel better once I have an entire book of lists to check off.

Really important prayer requests:
So, turns out I'm a DREADFUL good friend Brendan is coming to Nacogdoches for seven weeks ( he's a medical student from NZ here to shadow doctors in the area) and I STILL havent figured out a way to pick him up from the airport ( he's flying into DFW at 2:30 on Tuesday and i have my boardmeeting that evening at 6.) AND I still dont have transportation for him yet. :-( Please pray for me, I feel like such a jerk for waiting till the last minute to take care of this.
Silly golf tournament. Silly wedding plans. Life is sooo busy, and yet I'm sure if I was more organized I would get more accomplished!

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Anonymous said...

i feel horrible!! if i had remembered the right time for my oral surgery, i could pick him up and take him to nacogdoches and see my wonderful family!! But, no, i am a terrible person!!!!!
hope you find a solution. i will pray. aunt donnave