April 18, 2007

Snap out of it!

So, to combat general discord and funk. Here are 10 things that make me happy...and after that, I'm seriously going to do some work.

1. baby pictures. In general most baby pictures make me smile.
2. abc.com. I dont know who's bright idea it was to put TV on the internet, but it made lunch breaks a million times better.
3. Daddy long legs. I read this book last night...for the twenty-zillioneth time. Because an old book is like an old friend. Better and more comforting every time.
4. friend sharing. The idea that so many of my friends could be friends with each other, if they ever got to meet.
5. strawberries. I've been eating them for three days straight
6. Brett. the things about him that make me happy could fill a multitude of lists.
7. The thought that everyday is a NEW day in Christ.
8. cupcakes with lots of icing. just because.
9. rain on the roof. The annoying awnings on my apartment block the sun, but they are fantastic for making rain sound comfy.
10. sunday lunches. Sunday lunches with my family are a wonderful thing.

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