April 15, 2007

Sunday sharing

So, I just checked...and yes, on the 11th of February I prayed that God would make me like Rebekah in the Bible, who basically left everything she knew and went off IMMEDIATELY to her new husband, at that particular time I suppose in a lot of ways I did not doubt how much I loved Brett, but I may have had some doubt about everything else.
I was starting to see that loving Brett was going to require a bit more than just my love.
Afterall, things were going so very predictibly here in Nacogdoches.
I mean, after two years, I had really great friends. I had the best Bible Study girls ever. I had a great job where I did all the things that I pretty much wanted to do, and only a few things I didnt want to do. I got to have coffee with Anna and Papa twice a week, and "sandwiches with Papa" once a week. I got to have sunday lunch made by my fabulous mother, I got to spend time with my wonderful church family twice a week....I mean, come on, life...it was great.

So, I'm telling you this today, because Steve preached on Rebekah this morning, so it seemed fitting to share now....

But, here's the deal. It always seems that God tells me "to go" whenever things are really great. And I think that's important. The timing is important. Because, where is faith if life is going badly and God tells you to pick up and leave? Where is the faith if you can't see any fruit in your life and God tells you to try something new? Where is the faith if you're lonely and God tells you to go and find some new friends?
No, I am excited about the very large amount of change that is ( and is going to) happen in my life for the very reason because everything was going so well! I know that it is time to learn something brand new, to learn to lean on God in new and different ways, to learn even more of His faithfulness, to learn more of His love.
I'm excited because I can't imagine it getting better. But, I know that it will..

By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later recieve as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.

He didnt know where he was going.

In a lot of ways I do not know where I am going, either
All I know is who I'm going with ( yay!) , but other than that I'm at a total loss.

I'm just delighted to realize that God totally and completely answered my prayer from February 11th. Because, I'm ready to go.


carmi said...

Woo Woo! Great post!

Becs said...

Very wise. And very timely for me to hear. I look forward to hearing about the fruit of this step of faith you're taking.

Anonymous said...

I love Rebekah...but, my character is Hannah...I've always loved her. And, isn't it odd that we are asked to do what they did? Not odd...amazing! Aunt Donnave