May 07, 2007

where is my motivation?

This morning I woke up, and my first coherent thought was that Brett was gone. Coincidently, I pretty much had NO motivation to get out of bed…
I mean, I did finally get up, but I was pretty unhappy about the whole concept of today. Blah.
Its just down right SHOCKING how quickly I get use to having Brett around…

So, yes, Brett was here this weekend. And it was glorious. And we did nothing wedding related, except some marriage counseling (which was done over pancakes…which I’m pretty sure’s how all counseling should be done.). So, the fun things that went down this weekend were:

1. Church Graduation Party, its crazy to me to think that LAST year Anna and I were the hostesses of the grad party…and we were SO stressed about it, and this year I got to just make my NZ bars ( always a hit) and show up two minutes after it started and just mingle….crazy. Incidentally, mingling at parties is a fine art. An art that I have not yet mastered. I mean, I can get IN to conversations with people standing by themselves, but then how do you get OUT of them again? ( not saying that its bad to stay in…its just rude to stay in loooong conversations with just ONE person at a LARGE gathering) why cant we all just agree on a time limit and then ring some sort of a bell and we can all shift around every five to seven minutes?! Wouldn’t that be better than one of us pretending to need more to drink???

2. I drove to the airport after the Graduation party ( 9pm-ish) to retrieve Brett. We were both tired. I got us lost in the airport parking lot. It was all very romantic as you can well imagine. ha! BUT, on the drive TOO the airport I picked up a radio station that does this show where people call in and say messages to people in prison…you just listen to these people talking to their loved ones, leaving them messages about the news from home, words of encouragement, practical information on family matters etc….it was incredibly touching and I cried and cried while listening to it. How quickly I forget about those who are currently living with this particular hardship. I think there is a huge misconception that just those in the actual “prison” are being punished and also that people in prison are these horrible unrelatable people. But so often you’re hearing from normal every day people who have normal every day families who have somehow gotten in serious trouble. I need to pray for these people more.

3. Wedding shower for Heather on Saturday morning. I hadn’t had much sleep but I somehow found myself in the spotlight…making a bouquet out of wrapping paper bows. Meh. But, it was fun and the time just flew by and really I just needed some coffee.

4. Wedding counseling was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. Of course, this was just the first session…so scariness could still be out there, but like I said…pancakes and talking about someone that you totally love is actually really fun.

5. Star Wars marathon. So, I didn’t tell you this…but one of the major draws for getting Brett into town this weekend was this particular event. It turns out that our dear friend Aaron Dudley had never seen the Star Wars trilogy (let me pause to let that sink in…) of course, upon learning this fact, all his friends could not continue in good conscious our friendship with him until he’d seen Episodes IV-VI ( we were all in the opinion that the first three installments were NOT worth his valuable time). So, the plan was set….and things kinda got out of hand for a few moments ( when we realized that no one was actually “in charge” of this gathering)…but finally things came together-and that is how I ended up moving all the furniture in my living room, setting up a totally awesome Queen-sized sheet on one wall and a projector on the other wall and thus creating a SWEET little theatre setup in my house. That, plus a LOT of junk food…plus a piƱatas shaped like Darth Vader’s head….plus good friends….plus party favors made for one of the best parties I’ve been to since I was ten.

I’m going to have to stop my weekend wrap up here, because It’s 11am and I still haven’t done an OUNCE of work ( well, yes, I have actually…but I don’t feel like I have). So let’s just leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

It was a great party wasn't it?! All your hard work turning your house into a theater was totally worth it! THANKS.


Carina said...

That reminds me of the time when I watched Star Wars Episode I - VI over 2 weeks, and I had NEVER seen ANY Star Wars before that.

I cried. It was beautiful.

Stacey said...

Wow, the star wars party sounds incredible! What fun!
By the way, I agree... a little pancakes makes the marriage counseling go down, for sure! Maybe I should mention this to my husband for future counseling sessions. I can't imagine things would ever get ugly over some tasty pancakes! Not a bad idea...hmmm....