June 17, 2007

Brought to you by the letter B

I just got back from dropping Brett off at the airport. *sigh*
The good thing is that the next time I see him we'll be getting married, in like, ten days or something...ANNNNND I wont have to say good bye to him for, like, a long time. So that's fantastic.
However, that didnt make it any easier today.

I came home tonight to a kitten who was pretty excited about me being home. As much as I will NOT miss the "Hey, I'm awake, let's play!" at 3am or the horrible red scratches up and down my leg....I'm totally going to miss little Miss B.B....she definitely has a lot of personality, and Brett and I spent a lot of time lounging on my couch watching her attack things instead of packing. So, I suppose in the long run its good the kitty and I are parting ways soon...I reeeeeally need to get something things done.

I hope everyone is praying for this "moving thing"...because, honestly, there are way too many places for things to go wrong for my liking.

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