October 03, 2007

so then I ran into a poll...

I've been on a LOT of flu/cold meds of late...as in my whole mind is a foggy mess. So, that is my only "good" excuse for scrapping one of the two polls that is annoyingly two inchs from our assigned parking spot at the apartments. It left some blue paint on the front bumper of the Prius. I'm so upset with myself. And the worst part is having to tell Brett. Not that I think he'll be mean about it or anything...its just so awful to ruin something that's been all pretty and perfect up until now.

I'm coughing a lot in strange intervals. Last night, I would wake up, *bing* and be like, "why am I awake?" and then it would hit and I would realize I was choking and I'd cough and cough...finally I'd fall back into my "nyquil induced" sleep only to have the process repeat itself in the not so distant future of the night.

hey, arent these blog posts fabulous to read?! I just realized that it may not be that interesting to read about my symptoms. So that's all for today.


S.P. said...

I, for one, found symptom readings incredibly boring until I started reading yours. Somehow you make boring things fascinating. Weird. Therefore I've been enjoying your recent posts very much.

Hmmm... Maybe I'm coming down with something.

Emily said...

Just thought that perhaps I could make you feel better or at least smile to know that you are not alone with scrapping annoyingly placed polls.

When I first got my new car I had not even made the first payment and I side swiped a poll... side swipped to the ring of about 3000 dollars! YIKES! See so you are in very good company!


Hope you get to feeling better soon!