November 29, 2007

I thought things revolved around ME!!!

So, this week has been totally bad. That's already been established. But, you know what ELSE?!
Well, this week I deemed myself well enough to start working out again ( plus I had gained five pounds in a week)...therefore I syched myself up to go to the little gym that our apartment complex provides ( remember yesterday and the Judge Judy?!)....So, I was TOTALLY disappointed when my dreams of having an hour working out "fly by" while watching Oprah's "favorite things" episode where completely dashed by that weird couple composed of the giant black man and the tiny asian women who watch Judge Judy....but THAT IS NOT ALL....the giant man decided to do LUNGES. And he decided to do them IN FRONT of my stationary bike....and he decided to COUNT out loud...LOUDLY...

ONE....TWO....THREE.....etc. etc. THWERTEEN....( that's right, he misprounces thirteen every time. this makes it infinitely worse).

So, I made it through yesterday ( if you call fuming while working out "making it") ...but today I decided to avoid the wierd couple and go in the morning instead. Oh yes, I thought, it'll be great...Regis and Kelly are doing a special on "Atlantis" where Brett and I went on our honeymoon...thirty minutes will fly by ( who was I kidding with that hour business anyway?!).
I arrive and everything is peachy. The gym is empty. I turn on Regis and Kelly and have settled in to watch Kelly (without makeup!!!) swim with the dolphins-when WHO should come into the gym....WEIRD COUPLE!!!!!
Whaaaaat?! Its freaking 9am!! Why are they here?!?!!!!!
And then...just as weird man starts counting out his lunges....the craziest thing happens-which just goes to show that my life is a lot like Candid Camera...the television....DIES....

Which is the short version of why I cut my thirty minute workout down to twenty minutes today...because BELIEVE ME....ten minutes of hearing the number "thirteen" misprounced 5 times with no television to cut the sound is WAAAAAAAY TO LONG.

I have half a mind to ask weird couple to give me a time when they are NOT at the gym. Because seriously the gym should be my OWN PERSONAL workingout place, dont you think?!


Emily said...

You must know that I am laughing out loud as I read this... a lot!


Best of luck to you in the search for the right time!

Anonymous said...

YOur cute!! maybe said couple works out twice a day?


donnave said...

tell them that sex is a workout! I don't know, it just occurred to me. lol

Yo Mama said...

I am laughing out loud, as well!!! just what I needed.

denny said...

lol. hey yall went to atlantis?