November 13, 2007

platinum lining

Since arriving on Friday, Louise has read Anne of the Island, Anne's house of Dreams, Anne of Ingleside and she is currently reading Rilla of Ingleside.

This gives the impression that we havent been very good hosts. But, ACTUALLY, if you knew Louise you'd know that she's a fast reader and therefore it does not mean we've neglected her AND if you also knew Louise you'd know that she just finished her MAJOR fifth year medical exams that pretty much decide if you get to be a doctor or not-and therefore a little book-reading time is probably just what the doctor ordered.

So, anyway, today Brett left for his "week in the field" ( prayer requests: that they finish up their training by friday so he isnt stuck out on the field all weekend-especially since his brother josh is arriving on Saturday-that would STINK! And I'm praying hard for army-kindness here.) and he had a NASTY headcold when he left which made me sad about him leaving. He had to leave at 1am which ALSO made me sad about him leaving ( because that's just a dreadful hour). And then-him just not being here made me sad about him leaving.

But, Louise and I were blessed with the most beautiful winter day and we used it to its fullest by going to the Seattle Woodlands Zoo. We saw lions and tigers and bears-quite literally. Oh my. However, I think my favorite was the gorillas. Whatever that means about me. ;-) And after the zoo we wondered about and found a little, off the beaten path, mexican food place that was seriously great-food AND atmosphere! ;-)

So, ultimately, I am blessed that God has created the perfect schedule for me-by making my time without Brett also time WITH Louise which gives my dark cloud a nice platinum lining. :-)

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DONNAVE said...

I love you, Abbey, and will definitely be thinking about you with all your wonderful friend -and-family company these next few weeks. :-)