December 13, 2007

and THEN what happens?!

So, FYI a healing burn is a lot worse than a "fresh" burn...because a "healing burn" itches like there's no tomorrow....its a good thing its winter and I wear long sleeve and bulky sweaters-making it harder for me to reach the thing or I SWEAR I'd rip my arm off....dont worry, I have refrained from scratching the thing...I'm a good girl.

Brett's home!! I cant tell you how happy this makes me! Of course, those of you who think I've lost all my cool-as-a-cucumer-feminist ways...well, go right ahead and think that. I am still a perfectly self-sufficient women who only cried a little bit and then went about her day when her husband was away...and yet you will not shame me into saying that I'm totally fine about having my husband gone for weeks on end. I'm sorry, its just NOT RIGHT. And no. Life was not as fun when he wasnt here. It just wasnt. So there.

For those of you who dont know...Brett and I will be heading to Nacogdoches, Texas on Tuesday the 18th and we'll be there until the second of Jan. -we're also planning on going to Chris Lewis's wedding on the 29th-though we still havent figured out how we're getting there. So, baring in mind that we will not have a car for two weeks and therefore will be at the mercy of friends and family-we'd love to see anyone who'd like to see us! I can't tell you how excited I am to see all my loverly Texas folks. The North West is just NOT the SAME. ;-)

Apparently its a good 40 degrees warmer in Texas there's that to keep in mind when gauging how excited I am too. hehehe.


Lyds said...

Totally understand the itching!!!!
I don't know if you remember but last year I burn all of the tips of my fingers on my left hand on the oven element - yes I touched, or more like grabbed!
My fingers pretty much had my finger prints burned off!
Anyways, my point is they itched like CRAZY! Thank God for anesthetic creams!!!!

S.P. said...

Ohhh! I'm jealous! Take me to Nac with you!!!! Take me to warm weather and Cotton Patch chicken fried steak and Peking and family and friends! PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! I am excitied about seeing you and Brett again!! I am counting down the days until the dream becomes a reality.

Merry Christmas!!

donnave said...

Yay! To figure out a time to see you would be wonderful...especially since Joel will not be coming home with! New job, etc.
It is going to be hard.

donnave said...

Oh, haven't commented in a internet for 10 days...driving me crazy!