December 07, 2007

Please forgive me..

I have a horrible confession to make:

Today I went and saw Golden Compass.
I know. Where ARE my values?! I am totally disappointed in myself too...but I am making up excuses right and left:
You see, Brett and I read the Golden Compass as well as part of the second book in the series ( name escapes me) while we were on our honeymoon ( it was very romantic-we read outloud to each other on the beach...awwww.). Anyway, it wasnt really until the SECOND book that we realized that the author, infact, hated God and that God was the root of all evil. ( Whaaaaa?) So, we stopped reading the books in complete disgust. But, unfortunately that didnt make the first book any less enjoyable. However, when I saw that the Golden Compass was going to be made into a movie I was still WHOLE HEARTEDLY against it just because I knew that they would most likely make the second and third books into movies too... but this didnt stop the previews from really looking good....
Which brings us to today when I went to pass my time at the movie theatre to watch Enchanted for the second time...I bought my ticket for Enchanted and headed towards the theatre...and thats when I saw that The Golden Compass was starting just two minutes before my movie...and so I walked in...and I watched it.
At least I didnt give them my money though, right? I mean, the good people at Disney got my money instead...and you know....the Disney people are...well....I dont even REMEMBER the last time Christians everywhere banned Disney...was it last year? Or maybe even earlier this year? I cant keep up.

Anyway, back to me being horrible. So, I watched the movie and I gotta say-Nicole Kidman was a really PERFECT evil person. I totally believed it. And I gotta say I was HORRIFIED at the polarbear fight...because, well, it was very very graphic and I cant believe children in the theatre saw that....I think the interesting thing was that, while in the book it was very clear that the main "bad people" where part of the Catholic church, in the movie they were just referred to as "the majestrate" came across as more of a "government" than a "church"...I am interested ( only slightly ) in finding out what they will do to water down the heretical views of the author for the rest of the movies...
And just so you know- I think its absolutely WRONG to take children under the age of....gosh....I dont know....14 to see this movie, if they cannot understand the "underlying" messages at play-that's pretty dangerous.

But, thats the shameful thing I did today.
Hope you'll all forgive me.


Mary said...

Hi Abigail!

Your blog is so much fun! I've had a few good laughs and shed a few tears as well. Thanks for taking the time to record your thoughts. They give me insight into what a great girl you are! Good for Brett that someone so witty has chosen to committ herself to walking through life with him. I'm sorry for the unsavory character of the Army that seems to disregard the personal lives of the people that makes it so great. Well, God is faithful and it sounds as though you are discovering that He has wonderful things for you to learn through the whole experience! Know that I love you and that you are in my daily prayers. I didn't know that you were by yourself these past days. Hope Brett returns very soon!

Looking forward to seeing you this month!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what we are supposed to be forgiving you for...Viewing a movie and judging for yourself what is wrong with it? Uh, okay.